How to check when a website was updated?

Many of us visit numerous web pages per day just to check if specific content has changed. This may be the launch of a new product, price changes, availability of competitor products, registration options for university or travel sites. Some of these websites will allow you to sign up as part of a mailing list and then notify you if a product or service is available again. But besides that, there are no other good solutions than checking manually. 

So how to check if a website was updated, without wasting your time or giving away your precious email address in return for some spam marketing newsletters?

The solution to this problem is to track web page changes in an automated way, so you can spend your time instead looking on the internet for the newest cat pictures and memes. Our free tool Custodee will allow you to automatically detect web page changes by monitoring selected elements or the whole website. We will also provide a history of web page screenshots so you can see directly how the pages have changed visually.

Monitor web page changes

Check if website has changed

To check if a website has been updated, just pay our homepage a visit and paste the URL you want to monitor in the input field. Now you can choose between monitoring a website element like a price tag, the availability of a product, the content of an article, or monitoring everything visually. In this case, we want to be notified when the product is out of stock, and so we can start an AdWords campaign.

Monitor web page changes

Afterwards, you will be asked to sign up for an account if you do not already have one. This is needed to save the pages you want to monitor and provides you with a many other useful functions. On the user settings tab, you can now choose how you want to be notified when a website changes. If you just want to follow a few websites, it makes sense to get an alert when any website changes. But if you are using Custodee to monitor a lot of different changes, you may not want to receive 20 emails a day. In this case, we provide you with a single daily report which includes a list of all web page changes, without spamming your inbox.

When you are done, you can view all your followed web pages in a table for a quick overview.

Overview for all websites

In the image, we have filtered the links for the specific shop.

Visual website changes

If you need more information, you should use the detailed view on the results tab where you can review the automated website screenshot of recent checks and get an overview of the content monitoring. Visual changes will be highlighted on the right image so tiny changes on very large sites are easy to see.

Automated website screenshots